MPF2017: How to Survive the Post-Festival Blues

Are you a weak, bruised husk of your former self? Do you keep clambering onto stranger’s backs, trying to make a human pyramid? Do you have a sudden urge to eat salad? You may be suffering from Post-Festival Blues.


“Why am I clean?” you may be asking yourself. “Where have all my friends gone? Why is no one screaming at me through a microphone?”

Post-Festival Blues is a recognised disorder caused by blisteringly high-calibre, fun-overloads like Manchester Punk Festival coming to an end. Symptoms can persist for days or weeks, and may include: sobriety, the scent of soap and the consumption of green vegetables.

There’s no need to cower in fear of that cruel, orange ball in the sky any longer! There is only one effective cure to Post-Festival Blues: make plans to do it all over again.

You can’t buy your MPF 2018 tickets yet, so let’s take a look at some of the other top-value underground punk fests coming up.

Nepotism Fest 2017

  • 3 days of punk + retro gaming, wrestling and B-movie horror fun.
  • When: 12th – 14th May
  • Where: Temple of Boom, Leeds
  • My Highlights: Roughneck Riot, The Filaments, ROTPM, Pizzatramp, The Domestics, Causal Nausea, Nosebleed + tons more
  • Tickets: £25 available from

 Wonkfest 5: The Omen

  • London’s annual celebration of all things underground punk.
  • When: 1st July plus pre-show on 30th July
  • Where: The Dome, Tufnell Park, London
  • My Highlights: Wonk Unit (duh), Matilda’s Scoundrels, Pizzatramp, Great Cynics, The Kimberley Steaks, Simon Wells + Spoilers and The Decline at the pre-show
  • Tickets: £22 for main festival available from

Level Up Festival 2017

  • Three days of top-drawer ska-punk in a tiny venue.
  • When: 21st – 23rd July
  • Where: New Cross Inn, London
  • My Highlights: King Prawn, The Filaments, Atterkop, Big D & The Kids Table, The JB Conspiracy
  • Tickets: £40 available from

Common Ground 2017

  • Politically-conscious 3-day benefit gig in the South West.
  • When: 1st – 3rd September
  • Where: The Black Swan, Bristol
  • Who: Grand Collapse, Atterkop, Danger!Man, The Foamers, Crocodile God, Pizzatramp
  • Tickets: £25 available from

Wotsit Called Fest 2017

  • Amazing value punk, folk and ska fest run by the guys from Matilda’s Scoundrels.
  • When: 29th – 30th September
  • Where: The Palace, Hastings
  • My Highlights: The Restarts, Nosebleed, Riggots, Black Volvo, Pizzatramp (more to be announced)
  • Tickets: £10 available from

Special mention also goes to:

So, if you’re still sat on the curb outside Sound Control, rocking back and forth, whimpering and wondering why they won’t let you in with your wristband, get off your arse and pick up tickets for these parties.

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